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August closure (just temporary!) and general updates…including job openings July 20, 2015

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Hello friends!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer. I am personally enjoying this mild July and slightly slower Summer pace.

Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback and support I have received lately. I love Julia’s Kitchen and it’s nice to know others do too! The change in hours was necessarily quite drastic. I’m aware of the fact that it makes it harder for some of you to get to us and I hope to expand them a bit for you, but for the moment, this reduction in hours is the only way for me to keep the business going without being completely consumed by it.

We will continue these hours as promised through July 31st. WE WILL BE CLOSING FOR A VACATION AUGUST 2ND-AUGUST 17TH; so the shop will be open through July 31st and we will be at the Farmers’ Market on August 1st. We will reopen Tuesday August 18th. If you want to place orders for breads or other things ahead of time to freeze, please do! Also, if you are missing us, let me know! Perhaps we can work out some type of weekly evening pick up or who knows what kind of unconventional thing. It’s always worth a conversation and there is surely no need to “stay inside the box”!

When we come back, we will (hopefully) have an entirely new staff. Robby and Trevor will both be moving out of Boulder, so you can say good bye to them on the 31st! We will hold on to our limited hours while new people get proper training, then we will see if we can make some additions. If you or someone you know is interested in joining Julia’s Kitchen, info on jobs available is below. My hope is that we’ll be able to open for dinner a couple of nights a week and a weekend day. This is the best place to allow us to keep you posted, so please subscribe to get updates if you haven’t already!

I hope to see you all in the coming weeks and then again in the second half of August! Enjoy Summer! Julia


*I am hiring people who have experience working in restaurants and who have demonstrated ability to perform the duties expected; those without experience are more than welcome to talk to me about possible internship training.

*We are a drug and alcohol free work place. Our work demands a clear head presence in whatever reality we are experiencing in a given moment/shift/day.

*Everyone who works at Julia’s Kitchen must be a clear, clean communicator and have the strength of character to ask for help when needed and offer help graciously when needed.

*Everyone who works at Julia’s Kitchen must be willing to follow the rules of Julia’s Kitchen and support the existing structure. Everyone who works at Julia’s Kitchen should also be comfortable suggesting and discussing opportunities to make improvements.

*There are a few general positions. One may only serve in positions for which he/she is qualified. It’s certainly possible to be qualified for multiple positions to allow greater variety in the work and better overview of the needs of the business either from the onset or through experience and training. Either way, there is also overlap between positions and working at Julia’s Kitchen requires a mentality of jumping in where needed to get the job done and keep things running smoothly. With everyone in that space, we find a rhythm together and it’s quite supportive and fun.

*LINE This is the person who puts the meals together. This position requires the ability to maintain a calm, steady focus, often while jumping back and forth between different tasks, and to communicate very clearly with coworkers. Often the line requires starting a new set of orders before the old set is complete, so there is a lot of tracking. On a typical day, the person scheduled to work the line will come in about an hour before open and set up in order to be prepared for the day. Once set up, the line person will complete supporting food prep while serving sporadic customers. As service picks up, the focus will shift solely to the line. After the rush slows down, it’s the line person’s job clean and restock the line and make pre-preparations for the following day, clean line pans, pots, etc used during service, and close up the shop for the day, all while again serving sporadic customers. This is a demanding job that requires mental clarity and focus as well as the ability to stand for several hours.

*FRONT OF HOUSE This is the person with primary responsibility for serving customers (welcoming, taking orders, ringing sales, etc) plus line support (getting soup, making smoothies and hot drinks, etc). This person will also perform basic food prep tasks under the direction of the cook/food prep/line person as needed, as well as keeping the front of the house and grab and go clean, stocked, and organized. This person will also participate in cleaning/closing at the end of the day.

*FOOD PREP This person will complete the majority of the food prep for the day/upcoming shift. It’s the responsibility of the person in this position to make sure that we have what we need for service without generating waste, so the ability to see trends and gauge the needs for the day and how they might be changing from day to day or season to season is critical. This person also provides support during service, so running food, keeping the dishes clean and stocked, making smoothies, hot drinks, etc during busy times will be common requirements. We are a small restaurant with strong customer engagement, so strong customer service skills are important.

*BAKER This person will be work with me to understand and master our baking techniques, which require a knowledge of the science and art of baking, but also are different than the techniques used at most, if not all, other bakeries. This role requires a person who has worked in baking and so understands the pace and flow of professional baking. In addition, this person will need to be a team player in the restaurant as a whole.

ALL are expected to clean up after themselves, each other, and our guests. All will start out in an assistant role with me and will continue to work with me and report to me directly as new things are learned and greater levels of independence come. All are expected to function as a team and to be conscious of how choices and behaviors affect the operation, rhythm, cohesiveness, and happiness of the team as a whole.

Anyone interested in working at Julia’s Kitchen should email me with a summary of qualifications and why you would like to work here, as well as your availability and desired hourly wage.



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