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New Summer Hours and New Ideas… June 21, 2015

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7885907-oak-tree-life-cycle-on-white-background-Stock-Vector-acornHello and happy Summer!

We are on the brink of discovery and transformation at Julia’s Kitchen. We are going strong and planning to feed you (body and soul) for a long time to come. This past year and some in the new location has been amazing; we love this center and this part of Boulder and we have felt so welcome. I personally have learned SO much over the past 3 1/2 years, and especially the last year in this new spot. Now, it’s time to assimilate this information and see where it can take us. For this reason, as well as some logistical reasons (staffing transitions and the temperature of the space among them), I am going to pull back on our regular business hours for the rest of June and July. Starting this week, we are open for lunch 11-3 Tuesday through Friday and at the downtown Boulder Farmers’ Market 8am-2pm on Saturday. Yes, that means we are closed Sunday and Monday for now. In addition, we will likely shut down for the early part of August, then come back with a well-rested, newly-trained team! TO STAY IN THE LOOP, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THIS NEWSLETTER IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY.

Once we are in the rebuilding phase in the late Summer/early Fall, we will very likely expand our hours somewhat. However, I hope that if I consider going back to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, someone will talk some sense into me. In the meantime, if you want Julia’s Kitchen food and you can’t make the current hours, talk to me! You are very much on my mind and I have some vague ideas like pre-ordered meal pick ups, maybe similar to soup night for those who knew me in the pre-JK days. I’m sure there are other ideas I haven’t thought of as well that would allow us to provide amazing food to you in a way that is manageable for me, so let’s communicate!

Another set of ideas still in process is bringing more hands-on learning to Julia’s Kitchen. I think we’ve determined that this food is delicious and satisfying and so worth the effort, but I still hear people say they wish they could make it for themselves. Well, of course everyone can, so let’s empower you! A cookbook is high on my priority list, and classes are an option, but for those who want to delve deeper, maybe there are also some more innovative options…more later on that; if your curiosity is piqued or you have ideas, let’s communicate!

I love, love, love Julia’s Kitchen and I’m so grateful for your support and appreciation of it, and for your understanding as we ebb and flow through the life of a small business. Thank you. We’ll see you for lunch or at the market sometime soon!



One Response to “New Summer Hours and New Ideas…”

  1. deezucco7 Says:

    I am excited that so much change is in the air! Can’t wait for a new phase of Julia’s!

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