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Summer Hours May 26, 2015

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Hello friends!

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and you are appreciating this beautiful sunshine that has returned to us!

I want to let you all know that we will be changing our hours starting this week (today!). It will be a bit of a different set up – we are going back to our roots! We are going to scale our hours back so we are serving lunch, plus we’ll have extended hours for our bakery and grab and go.  Lunch is our busiest and most consistent time, so for many of you this won’t change a thing! For those needing a quick something in the morning or a little help with dinner, we will still be here for you with delicious things to take home with you! Here are our new hours in a nutshell:


10am-6pm Bakery and Grab and Go

11am-3pm lunch is served!

Of course, on Saturdays we will continue to be at the Boulder Farmers’ Market from 8am-2pm.

I am really excited about this transition. It might get a little wacky for a bit, trying to figure out what stays on the menu, what rotates, and what new things come. Your patience and feedback will be greatly appreciated! I feel certain that once the dust settles, the energy will feel cleaner and more spacious, we will have more room for creativity, and we will continue to ensure that the integrity upon which Julia’s Kitchen was built will remain intact and strong! On a personal note, my hope is that this change will allow me to creep back over than fine line back to sanity, harmony, and balance in my own life.

In a “go big or go home” kind of world, it feels really good to step big in the other direction.

Thanks for your support and we will see you soon!


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