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HOURS UPDATE! May 6, 2015

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P1040896Good morning friends, and a very happy Spring morning. We should have some gorgeous flowers for the Spring and early Summer, and hopefully our local fruit trees are also loving this rain!

I want to officially communicate a change in our hours…

Sunday-Friday: 11am-8pm

Saturday: 8am-2pm AT THE DOWNTOWN FARMERS’ MARKET ONLY. The shop is going to rest on Saturdays during the Summer market season…

Earth Day inspired me to make changes and resolutions in order to ensure that we are staying aligned with our mission. We want to make sure we are maximizing our service to you and minimizing our impact on the environment. I personally need to make sure that we can uphold the integrity and intention with which this business came about, and I also need to stay balanced and sane in order to really be here for you and the other people who need me. Condensing our hours will allow us to be our best! Please stay tuned as we continue to assess our most efficient hours of operation to make sure you are getting the best food and best experience we can possibly offer you, at the most affordable price, with the smallest footprint we can possibly make.

Thank you so much for supporting us as you have, and for your continued support. Small businesses like Julia’s Kitchen are getting fewer and farther between and I am sure that I could list 100 reasons why (or more), but your shining faces, appreciation, and kind words of encouragement are what keep us going!


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