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Cooking Class Sunday morning, November 10th at Julia’s Kitchen November 3, 2013

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photo(4)Fall is a great time to get into the kitchen, so we’ll be offering a cooking class at Julia’s Kitchen next Sunday!

Where: At Julia’s Kitchen 4457 Broadway

When: Sunday November 10th, 9:30am-11am

What: Basic Ingredients and Techniques of healthy cooking

  • Healthy ingredients – what, why, how
  • Soaking and sprouting
  • Balancing tastes and seasonings

How Much? $35, paid by Thursday 11/7; $40 after 11/7

This class will be taught in the dining room rather than the kitchen. We will be mostly discussing (but also experiencing through the senses) the ingredients that are the foundation of a balanced plant-based diet, as well as the techniques that are used to transform them into simple, delicious food. We will also be playing with the balance of the different tastes through the lens of the Ayurvedic Six Tastes, my understanding of which has been one of the greatest inspirations in the development of my personal cooking style and will help you immensely in finding your own.

While the ingredients we will be working with are all vegan and gluten free, this class will benefit anyone who is interested in eating a plant-based diet that contains a diverse array of healthy foods. Food is highly subjective, so my intention is not to teach you to cook like me, but to empower you to make food exactly as you and your body like it. Please feel free to bring your questions and if you have specific things you’d like to incorporate into this class or a future class, please email me ahead of time at juliahellerman@gmail.com with your suggestions.

If you would like to attend: Please call or visit Julia’s Kitchen to reserve your spot. Advanced reservation will be very helpful for my planning process, so if that is possible for you, please take advantage of the lower rate available for payment on or before Thursday November 7th.

I hope to follow this class up with some more specific classes in early to mid-December, so please stay tun