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Class this Sunday August 2, 2013

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photo(3)Hello y’all!

I am going to hold a very casual discussion this Sunday afternoon/evening at the cafe. I’m getting the sense that most of the people asking for a class already know how to cook, but just need to know more about this kind of cooking. So, it will be a guided open forum where we’ll discuss the ingredients we use, how, why, etc, and you can bring all of your questions! We will just see where it takes us.

The cost of the class will be $25. Bring a bowl and utensils, and I’ll supply a simple, light snack/dinner that we can enjoy together during our discussion. We will start at 5:30 and plan to go until around 7pm or so.

I know some people who have expressed interest can’t make it this Sunday, so we will do another one soon. We’ll see how this goes, but I love the idea of doing a semi-regular thing like this where we can discuss relevant and interesting food topics.

Does this sound good? I know it’s last minute, but sometimes that is what works best! Please RSVP to me at juliahellerman@gmail.com and I’ll make sure we still have enough people to make it a good discussion and get a handout together.

See you soon! Julia


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