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Cooking Classes February 6, 2013

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photo(6)Hello! I hope you are all enjoying this lovely day. I am, but I’m hoping that we can get a few big snow dumps interspersed

I’m getting a lot of requests for cooking classes, so I think it’s time to set them up! I think I’ll do this round at my house, so the classes may be a little smaller, more casual, and more intimate. I don’t have access to a teaching kitchen, so classes involving cooking and baking will be demo-focused. Everyone will be able to taste, feel textures, etc and will be able to be very engaged in the process, but I have a galley kitchen, so we’ll be back and forth between the kitchen and dining room table. It will be fun!

I’m trying to gauge where the interest is…if you are interested, your feedback is appreciated! Feel free to offer specific times and days, as scheduling is always a challenge.

1. Is there interest in another basics class? It would be a discussion-only class about the whys and hows of the ingredients and techniques I use, including sprouting. This would be a 1.5 hour class and the cost would be $35 per person.

2. Do weekdays during school hours work for you and, if not, are you opposed to my family (children) being present? They are 9 and 12, so old enough to (hopefully) observe or do their own thing without being disruptive:)

3. What, specifically, do you want to learn about?

Classes, other than the basics class, would be about 2 hours and cost would be $50 per person; they would involve a lot of taste testing and discussion around how to be efficient, how to tailor recipes and techniques to your preferences and schedule, how to substitute ingredients and balance dishes, etc.

I plan to work at least one general cooking class and one baking class into the schedule, plus the basics if there is enough interest.

Have a wonderful day!


7 Responses to “Cooking Classes”

  1. Tessie DeLaney Says:

    Hi Julia,
    I am really interested in a baking class. Also another basics class possibly. I wouldn’t mind your kids being there, but I would also prefer a daytime class instead of evening since it’s easier with my own family.

    • adaba Says:

      Hi Tessie!
      A lot of the people who originally requested a baking class were able to do one during school hours, so I bet that will work out!
      I’ll keep you posted, Julia

      • monica cross Says:

        Hi, i could do a day class and sunday afternoons are good too. I would love to learn the basics and some good at home recipes.

  2. Sheeri Handler Says:

    Hi Julia-
    It’s Sheeri here. Hope you are well. I am definitely interested in your classes and am fine with both a daytime format or at your house with your kids, no problem. Keep me posted! Hope life is sending you roses!

  3. upsidedownfunschool Says:

    Hi Julia,

    I am interested in a Basics class, Baking (which I see I just missed!), and beyond!

    Weekends are probably best for me.

    Chris Chandler

  4. Nancy Vanacore Says:

    Hi Julia,

    I would love to take a whole series of classes with you beginning with the basics. Since I work, weekends would be great and having your children there would be just fine with me. Thanks very much, Nancy

  5. Linda Bryan Says:

    Hi Julia,
    I am also interested in cooking and baking classes. I have not converted my family yet and they will not buy into my vegan lifestyle if I don’t get better at preparing some good dishes! My schedule is flexible. 🙂


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