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Open for Dinner, starting this Thursday! And, a daily special… December 12, 2012

IMG_0569Well, I could have done a better job with the photo, but this is our entree special right now! Berbere lentils served with a yam and beet salad over injera, which is a spongy fermented flat bread which is made, in our case, from whole grain teff. Often, because teff is relatively expensive, injera is made with a combination of flours; rest assured, we use whole grain teff rather than flour, and we don’t add anything except a little sea salt and spring water.

Teff is the smallest grain and is super-powered, because it has a much larger proportion of bran and germ, the healthy parts, than most grains. In Ethiopia, injera is used as a plate and a utensil, with different protein and vegetable stews and salads arranged on top. Usually these meals are eaten family style and diners rip pieces of the injera and use them to scoop up the other foods, then eat the sauce-soaked injera at the end. This dish has just a bit of a spicy kick, but should be mild enough for most palates. Come in and try something that may be new for you!

In other news, we are going to be open for dinner Thursday through Saturday, starting this Thursday, for the rest of December, then we are planning to open for dinner nightly Monday through Saturday. We will be closing on Sundays for the Winter, but we’ll go back to seven days in the Spring when people come out of Sunday hibernation!

We will close for the holiday December 24-26 and New Years Eve and New Years Day. We hope you’ll all want to come back on January 2nd ready to start a healthy, peaceful, and joyful new year!


3 Responses to “Open for Dinner, starting this Thursday! And, a daily special…”

  1. Renee Thompson Says:

    I’m so glad you’re going to be open for dinner! My family and I can usually only get together at night, and I’ve wanted to get them to Julia’s for a long time now! See you soon! ~ Renee Thompson

  2. Belen Says:

    I had the lentils with the Ingera crepe and the yam and beet salad last Thursday, and it was fabulous! Thanks for creating such lovely and healthful food! On my “favorite” list of Boulder restaurants. Just love the kale chips.

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