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News for Julia’s Kitchen! November 9, 2012


Hopefully you are enjoying these amazing Fall days! A few pieces of news for the cafe…
Dinner ~ the kitchen is now staying open as long as we are open! For now, you can grab a hot meal until 6pm during the week…stay tuned for expanded weeknight and weekend dinner hours!
Classes ~ There is still space available for the class this Sunday; we will be talking about soaking and sprouting (beans, grains, nuts, and seeds), as well as the basics of cooking beans and grains. There is also space available in December 2nd class, where we’ll put it all together to create simple and delicious plant-based meals and talking about ways to fit healthy cooking into your life. A baking class is tentatively scheduled for December 9th. This class will cover the basics of gluten free, vegan baking – healthy flours, making your own flour, all the other ingredients that go into low-impact, but delicious treats, etc…

Farmers’ Market ~ last Saturday was our last Farmers’ Market for this season. Please come to the cafe on the weekends instead for all of our Farmers’ Market offerings and more! If there is something you are really counting on, please order ahead so we can be sure we have it for you! The photo above is of my first try at pop tarts! A request from my kids…met with a hearty thumbs up and I know that once Sidney gets involved, they will get even better…yum! Gluten free and vegan, of course, and nut free too!


2 Responses to “News for Julia’s Kitchen!”

  1. Jill M Leitz Says:

    Hi Julia,
    It is so great hearing about your classes. This Sunday is the class I need to take. I got very discouraged with the whole bean soaking and cooking thing. I came to a stand still!! Unfortunately, I am leaving Sunday for a two day event in Ca. DARN!! I will be reading , watching, and water running! You can keep me posted. Hopefully, one will come back around! I almost stopped by today, but I ran out of time.
    Great job!!!!…….Jill

    • adaba Says:

      Oh darn, Jill! Well, we’ll have to do it another time because I don’t want you to be discouraged! I hope to see you sometime soon – safe travels if I don’t see you before your trip! Julia

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