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Thank you and Thanksgiving… November 21, 2012

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Happy Day-Before-Thanksgiving!

We will be closing early today, at 4pm, and will of course be closed through tomorrow. We’ll open back up for business as usual on Friday morning at 8am. Come on in today and help us clean out what we’ve got and we’ll start fresh Friday morning in preparation for a clear-headed, calm, and nourishing holiday season.

Though this time of year can be very hectic energetically because of what’s happening around us, our goal at Julia’s Kitchen is to stay grounded and offer a warm, nurturing space that will support the calm and inward focus that I believe is really our natural tendency at this time of year. Soon we will shift a few things on our menu to reflect this change in season.

I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderfully satisfying, that you find many things for which to be thankful, and that you find many ways to express your gratitude.

It was exactly this time last year when I first contemplated the sweet idea that I might open a cafe. I am so grateful to all of you for showing up with your support and patience as I’ve muddled my way through this first year. It has been imperfect and beautiful, to me, and I couldn’t be happier to have leaped in the way I did.

With love and many, many thanks,



Rustic Black Bean Soup with Raw Hemp Sour Cream…and yummy new treats! November 13, 2012

Good afternoon! I hope you are enjoying this crisp and beautiful day!

We have lots of special goodies today…
We have a Rustic Black Bean Soup, served with a Raw Hemp Seed Sour Cream and Millet Bread, Sprouted Grain Waffles topped with Spiced Apples, and our burger is a Sprouted Chickpea Burger.

Of course, as always, we also have the Hummus Pizza,  sautes, Red Lentil Coconut Curry, Kitchari, Raw Pizza, and more!

Sidney has been busy playing around in the kitchen, so we’ve got some special pastries too…

Cashew Cream Cheese or Strawberry Cream Cheese Croissants, Blueberry Apple Pop Tarts, Chocolate Raspberry Scones, and Strawberry Jam-Filled Apple Quinoa Muffins…It’s worth a trip in and don’t forget, the kitchen is open until 6pm!


Weekend Specials! November 10, 2012

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Burr…in case you want to come in for lunch today, here are the specials!

Porridge: Thai Black Sticky Rice for our porridge.

For soups,we have:

  • Creamy Tomato Soup served with Savory Quinoa Cakes
  • Red Lentil Coconut Curry served with our version of Naan

The Burger Special is Sprouted Chickpea and Millet with lettuce, shredded carrots, and balsamic aioli on a sprouted buckwheat and millet bun.

Sprouted Grain Waffles topped with Spiced Apples

We have freshly made Pop Tarts, scones, muffins, sourdough loaves, cinnamon rolls, cookies and more yummy treats…have you tried the raw date streusel bars yet?

There is space in tomorrow’s class, as well…4:30 to 6:30; we’ll be talking about the benefits of soaking and sprouting, how to cook grains and beans and all the different things you might do with them.

Stay warm and have a lovely weekend!


News for Julia’s Kitchen! November 9, 2012


Hopefully you are enjoying these amazing Fall days! A few pieces of news for the cafe…
Dinner ~ the kitchen is now staying open as long as we are open! For now, you can grab a hot meal until 6pm during the week…stay tuned for expanded weeknight and weekend dinner hours!
Classes ~ There is still space available for the class this Sunday; we will be talking about soaking and sprouting (beans, grains, nuts, and seeds), as well as the basics of cooking beans and grains. There is also space available in December 2nd class, where we’ll put it all together to create simple and delicious plant-based meals and talking about ways to fit healthy cooking into your life. A baking class is tentatively scheduled for December 9th. This class will cover the basics of gluten free, vegan baking – healthy flours, making your own flour, all the other ingredients that go into low-impact, but delicious treats, etc…

Farmers’ Market ~ last Saturday was our last Farmers’ Market for this season. Please come to the cafe on the weekends instead for all of our Farmers’ Market offerings and more! If there is something you are really counting on, please order ahead so we can be sure we have it for you! The photo above is of my first try at pop tarts! A request from my kids…met with a hearty thumbs up and I know that once Sidney gets involved, they will get even better…yum! Gluten free and vegan, of course, and nut free too!


Class and more this weekend… November 2, 2012

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A reminder for those signed up for the cooking class this Sunday, we will be starting at 4:30 rather than 4pm. For those not signed up but interested, we’ve still got space in the November 11th and December 2nd classes!

Everyone remember it’s that time of year – set your clocks back by one hour this Sunday morning!

And…we are still seeking input on the possibility of opening for dinner – weekends, weekdays…when would you come?


For now, we’ve got plenty of soup in the grab and go, just in case you don’t feel like making dinner tonight:)

We’re still working on our specials for this weekend, but we’ll definitely have a North African Black Eyed Pea Chili with millet bread, as well as our staple Red Lentil Coconut Curry.

Our burger is Sprouted French Lentil served on a sourdough bun with caramelized onions, pea shoots, and balsamic aioli.
Porridge and Waffle Specials to be determined…
And, don’t forget the Farmers’ Market! We are working on a yummy new raw treat – cherry date bars with streusel topping