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Current Specials… October 10, 2012

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Time to take care of ourselves with all of these weather changes – keep the cold from catching you with our Spicy Split Pea and Vegetable Puree. It’s a beautiful golden soup; while I’m not a vegetable-hider, you’d never know that this soup is filled with all kinds of veggie goodness…in addition to the usual vitamins and minerals, it’s all got lots of immune-builders like onions, garlic, ginger, and some pureed chili flakes for a bit of a kick! Pick up some of the Sprouted Grain Multiseed Sourdough bread you see on the upper right and you have a perfect Fall meal!

We’ve used the last of our tomatillos for our Black Bean Burger with caramelized onions, local tomato, lettuce, and tomatillo salsa on a sprouted sourdough bun.
If you are in the mood for a sweet meal, our current porridge inspiration is Kheer, creamy brown rice spiced with a bit of ginger and topped with berry sauce and coconut. Our Sprouted Grain Waffle Special is drenched in berry sauce and coconut cream sauce. We’ve also got a sweet Raspberry, Apple, and Plum Pie  and Apricot-Berry Linzer Torte Cookies, which you can see above.

Our cooking class series is full, but if you are still interested in one or all of the classes, please let us know and we’ll see if we have enough for a second round. We’ll hope to continue with a baking class before the holiday baking begins, in later November or early December. Perhaps in January, we’ll focus on soups? We’ll keep you posted here!


4 Responses to “Current Specials…”

  1. Nichole Says:

    I am interested in ALL of the cooking classes, would love it if you had a second round!!!

  2. modmamaof2 Says:

    Please add me to the list for your next round of classes. I’m interested in all 3.

    Thanks! Nancy Senuick

    Sent from my iPhone

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