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Additional Cooking Class Openings… October 12, 2012

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If you are still interested in the current cooking class series, but were unable to sign up before they filled, additional spaces/days are opening! If you have already signed up, nothing has changed regarding your schedule!

If you haven’t already signed up, I am going to open additional space in Class 1 this Sunday October 14th. I’d like to keep the second two classes in the series smaller as I work out the logistics of teaching at the cafe, so I’m adding a second Class 2 on November 11th and a second Class 3 on December 2nd, assuming there is sufficient enrollment.

Given the realities of what the space offers, you can expect more of an interactive cooking show situation, rather than a hands on cooking lesson. I believe a lot can be learned from seeing the creation of food and tasting the results, plus of course asking questions along the way, so I think it will be a good experience.

If you’d like to sign up, please do so at the cafe. If you can’t make it in, you are welcome to contact me directly via email and we can work out payment arrangements. I’m looking forward to the classes; they should be fun!

Essential Information

WHAT? Cooking Series ~ Basics of Healthy, Delicious, Plant-Based Cuisine

For Whom? Anyone interested in learning to prepare healthy yummy foods!

When? Sunday afternoons at 4pm; see dates for specific classes below.  Classes will be taught in series and you are welcome to join in where it suits you!

Where? Julia’s Kitchen 4457 Broadway

How? Purchase your spot at Julia’s Kitchen

How much? Class 1 is $25 in advance, $30 drop in; classes 2 and 3 are each $55 in advance, $60 drop in. Advance purchase will be helpful in determining whether we have adequate enrollment to move ahead with the class; drop ins will be on a space-available basis. You can pre-purchase the whole series for $125.

Basics Class 1 Oct 14th (OPEN)/4pm-5:30: Meeting your ingredients, equipment, and your taste buds We’ll look at different varieties of grains and beans and their general characteristics and uses, seasonal vegetables, health-supportive oils, low-impact sweeteners, and seasonings and the 6 tastes. This class will be discussion only.

Basics Class 2 Oct 21(FULL), NOVEMBER 11 (OPEN)/4pm-6pm: Basic Cooking Techniques
In this class, we’ll build on our understanding of ingredients from the first class and learn about proper preparation of beans, grains, and vegetables. We’ll look at soaking and sprouting beans and grains, 3 of my favorite vegetable preparation techniques, and proper use of seasoning to satisfy the whole palette and increase the health-supportive qualities of foods. In this class, we’ll start with some discussion and then move into the kitchen for demonstration and tasting.

Basics Class 3: Nov 4(FULL), DECEMBER 2 (OPEN)/4pm-6pm: Simple, Surprisingly Delicious Meals.
In the third class of the basics series, we’ll build on our knowledge of healthy, whole foods and proper food preparation techniques and learn how to create simple, delicious meals in a way that’s sustainable in our lives. We’ll talk about prioritizing food and its preparation, but also setting ourselves up for success in terms of a healthy, joyful food and cooking connection in our reality. We’ll do a slow-c00ked meal, a saute, a soup, and a veggie burger. The goal will be for you to go home with four basic recipes and an understanding of how to use them as a base for countless others. In this class, we’ll start with some discussion and then move into the kitchen for demonstration, tasting, and gaining a better understanding of how to adjust recipes to suit individual tastes.

More Details…

Everyone has an inner chef; I’m sure of it. Some of you haven’t met that chef yet, but I assure you, s/he is there. I’m really excited to begin a series that will hopefully help you connect to the food that nourishes you and your creative, intuitive foodie self.

We will start out with the very basics and move on from class to class in a way that will hopefully expand your palette while creating simplicity and making way for joy in your experience of food preparation. You can jump in and out where you like. The intention of these classes is to provide a foundation and an understanding of delicious and health-supportive food preparation.

While we will be creating plant-based and gluten free dishes, the foundation I hope to create can be applied to any eating style and, in fact, will hopefully set you up to know from deep inside which types of food really nourish and sustain your optimal health (and this will be different for every body).

Julia’s Kitchen is a working kitchen, rather than a cooking kitchen; classes will be mostly demo, but everyone will have the opportunity to see, stir, smell, and taste-test all throughout the process.


Current Specials… October 10, 2012

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Time to take care of ourselves with all of these weather changes – keep the cold from catching you with our Spicy Split Pea and Vegetable Puree. It’s a beautiful golden soup; while I’m not a vegetable-hider, you’d never know that this soup is filled with all kinds of veggie goodness…in addition to the usual vitamins and minerals, it’s all got lots of immune-builders like onions, garlic, ginger, and some pureed chili flakes for a bit of a kick! Pick up some of the Sprouted Grain Multiseed Sourdough bread you see on the upper right and you have a perfect Fall meal!

We’ve used the last of our tomatillos for our Black Bean Burger with caramelized onions, local tomato, lettuce, and tomatillo salsa on a sprouted sourdough bun.
If you are in the mood for a sweet meal, our current porridge inspiration is Kheer, creamy brown rice spiced with a bit of ginger and topped with berry sauce and coconut. Our Sprouted Grain Waffle Special is drenched in berry sauce and coconut cream sauce. We’ve also got a sweet Raspberry, Apple, and Plum Pie  and Apricot-Berry Linzer Torte Cookies, which you can see above.

Our cooking class series is full, but if you are still interested in one or all of the classes, please let us know and we’ll see if we have enough for a second round. We’ll hope to continue with a baking class before the holiday baking begins, in later November or early December. Perhaps in January, we’ll focus on soups? We’ll keep you posted here!


Soup Sale Tonight! October 8, 2012

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We went through lots of soup this weekend, but we accidentally overlapped our kitchari-making on Saturday, so we’ve got several jars on sale in the fridge! It’s $10/jar.

Last I looked, we also had a jar of Sprouted French Lentil, Shiitake, and Sweet Potato Stew…$9/jar

Enjoy the afternoon outside and pick up dinner from us!


Weekend Specials! October 5, 2012

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Warm Soups for suddenly chilly Fall days…

  • French Lentil, Shiitake, and Sweet Potato Stew served with Millet Bread
  • Red Lentil Coconut Curry served with Naan

Daily-Inspired Burger…

  • Black Bean Burger with caramelized onions, fresh local lettuce and tomatoes, and tomatillo salsa on a sprouted grain bun

We might as well just add the Thai Black Sticky Rice and Waffles to the regular menu, because we get sad looks when we don’t have them, so we’ve got those too! We’ll make the Squash and Split Pea Bisque again soon!

Don’t forget to sign up for cooking classes if you are interested!
Are you interested in recipes and cooking tips on this site? Thinking about adding those soon…


Specials! October 3, 2012

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  • Split Pea and Delicata Bisque – a smooth puree made from yellow split peas, roasted delicata squash, and fresh vegetable broth with just a hint of spice
  • Red Lentil Coconut Curry – a hearty soup filled with lentils and vegetables, seasoned with our favorite curry blend


  • Sprouted Mung Bean and Millet with local tomato, lettuce, and balsalmic aioli on a sprouted grain bun


  • Thai Black Sticky Rice – a delicious purple rice filled with antioxidants and lightly sweetened with coconut sugar, then topped with a creamy sweet coconut sauce; a sweet start to the day or a treat anytime you need a little pick-me-up!


  • Sprouted grain waffles with your choice of banana freeze and berry sauce or a fig-apple compote

We also have an amazing, fresh apple pie and, as always, fresh scones, sourdough breads, muffins, cookies, and more. Don’t forget about our regular menu too – have you tried the wrap yet? And, don’t forget that you can always pick something up for dinner, just in case your day gets away from you…

Enjoy a beautiful, Fall Wednesday in Boulder!