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Menu for this weekend! (And, we are closed on Monday for Labor Day) August 31, 2012

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Good morning!

We will be open this weekend, but closed on Monday for Labor Day. We will NOT be at the Market this Saturday, so please swing on by Julia’s Kitchen for anything you need!

Here are the specials for the weekend; all plant-based and gluten free as our specials and regular menu always are…

  • Creamy Millet Porridge, with almond cream and fruit drizzle
  • Sprouted Grain Waffles, with banana freeze and fruit drizzle
  • Red Lentil Coconut Curry
  • Sprouted French Lentil burger with lettuce, fresh local tomato, caramelized onions, and balsamic aioli on a sprouted grain sourdough bun

If you are in town this weekend, please stop in for breakfast, lunch, or a yummy treat! Have a wonderful weekend!


Daily Specials… August 26, 2012

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Good morning!

What a glorious morning to be at the Farmers’ Market – did you know that today is a special Sunday market because of yesterday’s bike race? When I left, the air was crisp and it wasn’t too crowded…there were actually parking spaces! Just about all of the vendors are there, and I saw the first pears, plus apples, melons, strawberries, and truly the best raspberries I have ever tasted at Monroe Farms! Plus, of course, amazing vegetables of every color…
Here are the specials for the cafe today:

  • Creamy Millet Porridge with Almond Cream, Coconut Sauce, and Berry Sauce
  • Waffles with Banana Freeze and Berry Sauce
  • Red Lentil Coconut Curry
  • Berbere-Spiced Lentil Stew
  • White Bean Burgers with caramelized onions and balsamic aioli on a sprouted grain sourdough bun

We also have yummy cupcakes at the cafe and plenty of loaves of sourdough at the Market!

Have a wonderful day…


A recipe and local recommendation! August 17, 2012

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First, do you all know that I have a blog where I share recipes? I have sort of fallen out of the rhythm of adding new recipes since opening the cafe, but I have a list of recipes I’ve been wanting to share and I’m hoping to get back into the groove. I just added a yummy recipe for Ethiopian-Inspired Collard Greens…you can find it here

Also, have you all tried Tiffins yet? It’s in Boulder and they have delicious South Indian street food. It’s different than the other Indian food available around here, I think, and so worth trying. I have been there twice and find myself craving it. They are open for lunch and dinner, so check them out this weekend! They are located in the shopping center at the corner of Arapahoe and 26th/28th, on the West side of the center. Their food leaves me feeling satisfied and nourished and I believe that’s worth supporting!

We have red lentil coconut curry back on the menu, waffles with banana ice cream, veggie burgers, kitchari, and so much more, so come visit us for breakfast or lunch this weekend, or stop by the market. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day!


Weekend Specials August 10, 2012

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Here’s what we have in addition to our regular menu for the weekend:

Hot Cereal: Thai black sticky rice

Breakfast Special: Sprouted buckwheat and millet waffles with banana ice cream (just bananas) and blueberry sauce

Burger: Sprouted Mung bean and millet veggie burger with caramelized onions, lettuce, and balsamic aioli, served on a sprouted grain sourdough bun with a side of our special slaw

Hot Soup: Red Lentil Coconut Curry

Cold Soup: Heirloom Gazpacho

We’ll also be at the market Saturday morning with loaves of bread, buns, and focaccia to sell, plus carrot cake cupcakes, freshly baked muffins, cinnamon rolls, scones, and much, much more.

Have a great weekend!




Specials…. August 5, 2012

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Burger: chickpea burger with lettuce, caramelized onions, and balsamic aioli on a sprouted buckwheat and millet bun

hot cereal: Thai black sticky rice with coconut sauce

Soup: red lentil coconut curry

Brunch: sprouted buckwheat and millet waffles with banana ice cream (just bananas!) and fruit sauce

We have a couple of loaves of bread for sale, as well, freshly baked this morning…

Have a great day!


Current Specials… August 1, 2012

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Good morning! I am trying to get back into the groove of announcing specials, so here you are…have a great day!

Black bean burger with caramelized onions and roasted tomatillo salsa on a sprouted grain sourdough bun!

Black Sticky Rice – Thai purple rice lightly sweetened with coconut sugar and served with a delicious coconut sauce!

Vanilla Cake with ginger peach filling and cashew frosting…

Plus our usual menu, and we have kale chips all ready for the market…have a great day!