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New menu and slight adjustment of hours for Sunday July 15th July 14, 2012

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We will be closing the cafe at 2:30 tomorrow, Sunday July 15th. We hope this does not inconvenience anyone! We scheduled a cooking class before we changed our hours and want to honor this prior commitment!

We also have a new menu! It’s not too different, just a little more consistent so you all don’t have to squint so much to see our specials. We’ll post it here soon, but you can come into the cafe to check it out in the meantime!

FYI – we’ve recently made a raw tiramisu that is super yummy! In case caffeine is an issue for you, as it is for me, not to worry as it’s made with herbal coffee! Soon we’ll have raw carrot cake too, and who knows what else the abundant Colorado produce will inspire??

Have a fabulous weekend and we hope to see you soon!


3 Responses to “New menu and slight adjustment of hours for Sunday July 15th”

  1. Hi Julia! I’m super interested in coming in and trying out some of your food when I move to Boulder in 3 weeks. I was wondering if you had your menu anywhere, besides specials? Thank you!

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