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Saturday June 2nd Menu June 2, 2012

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Good morning and happy Saturday!

In addition to out regular menu, we have a few specials…

Creamy hot millet cereal

Sprouted grain waffles with banana ice cream (just banana!) and berry sauce

A white bean burger topped with local tomato, caramelized onions, greens, and a balsamic (hemp-based) aioli; served with a side salad

Raw Pizza – an item that will make it to our new menu – a sprouted buckwheat crust spread with pesto and topped with sprouted almond, red pepper and garlic cheese, walnut Parmesan, and balsamic drizzle; served with a simple side salad

Salad – Fresh local spring mix with cabbage, carrots, pickled onions, beets, and tahini-lemon vinaigrette

We will have freshly-made red lentil coconut curry and kitchari, as well, plus veggie pancakes, hummus pizza, freshly baked scones, cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies, muffins and more!

In our grab and go, we have a simple kale salad, an Asian kale
Salad, cabbage and seaweed salad, ethiopian vegetable soup with sprouted chickpeas, hummus, the sauté of the day, fresh salads…

Have a fabulous day and maybe we will see you at the market!


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