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Today’s Specials! March 23, 2012

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In addition to our regular menu, here are the specials for today~

PS, if you are so inclined, please write us in for Best of Boulder through the Boulder Weekly, gluten free and vegetarian. Thanks!


  • Yellow lentil coconut curry
  • Ethiopian Vegetable with Sprouted Chickpeas

Carrot-ginger (cold)
Saute: Black Bean and Sweet Potato with Chimichurri Sauce

Hot cereal: apple ginger millet with blueberry mango saucce

Salad: red leaf lettuce, beets, kale, carrots, cabbage, and pickled red onions with lemon balsamic vinaigrette

Sandwich (new!): black bean burger with BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, and sautéed mushrooms on a sprouted grain bun

We’re also testing out our own version of chai, plus we have mint lemonade, and fresh juices. We will add smoothies and ice cream sundaes soon!

Have a great day!


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