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Menu for Monday February 13th, 2012 February 13, 2012

Hello Boulder! Hopefully the weekend was good for all!

Frozen local cherries and local tomatoes are in this week; just a little reminder of warm, sunny days as we look forward to a week of chilly ones! In addition to some yummy chocolate heart cupcakes specially for Valentine’s Day and all the other delicious treats in our bakery case, here are the specials for Monday February 13th:

  • Hot cereal – Creamy Almond-Cardamom Millet with Apples, Figs, and LOCAL Cherries
  • Daily Saute – Teriyaki tofu with broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots over lemon-ginger quinoa
  • Soups – White Bean Chili (Red Lentil Coconut Curry is now a staple; now made with sprouted red lentils)

And, of course we have the veggie pancake saute, hummus pizza, kitchari, and the rest of our “regular” menu.

In the grab and go, we’ve got:

  • Veggie Pancakes
  • Sprouted Red Lentil Carrot Coconut Curry
  • Kitchari
  • Five Spice Carrot-Almond Pate
  • Za’atar Hummus
  • Cherry-Fig-Banana Millet Bread Pudding
  • LOCAL tomato soup (ready by 11)
  • and more to come!

As we get this menu down, we might just be ready to add some more menu items or daily specials in the near future. We are open to your suggestions!

Happy Monday!


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