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Cafe Menu February 19, 2012

Appetizers and Small Plates

Raw Crackers & Cream Cheese $6.25 Raw crackers made from sprouted buckwheat and vegetables, dehydrated until crisp at low temperatures to preserve precious enzymes and vitamins; cream cheese made from fermented cashews, evoo, freshly squeezed lemon, and sea salt

Baked Crackers & Za’atar Hummus $6.25 Crackers made from freshly ground sprouted grain flour and baked at low temperatures to maintain the integrity of the oil; served with our delicious sprouted chickpea hummus seasoned with sumac and thyme

Veggie Pancakes with ginger tomato dipping sauce $5.25 Two grain free savory pancakes made from coveted mung dahl (split mung beans, known for their grounding qualities and easy digestion), mild spices, and vegetables; dipping sauce can be spicy upon request

Raw Pizza $12.50/half raw pizza $6.75  Raw crispy thin crust made from sprouted buckwheat and vegetables, dehydrated until crisp at low temperatures to preserve precious enzymes and vitamin; topped with a tangy spinach-basil hemp seed pesto, dollops of sprouted almond cheese, veggie parmesan, and balsamic drizzle (note: balsamic drizzle is not completely raw as it contains caramelized onions)

Daily Bread & Carrot Almond Pate $6.25 Sourdough bread baked from sprouted grains; topped with a sweet and savory pate made from carrots, caramelized onions, sprouted almonds, and lightly seasoned with 5-spice powder (contains miso/soy)

Dip Sampler Platter $12.50 Our raw cream cheese, za’atar hummus, and carrot-almond pate served with an assortment of raw and baked crackers and breads


Soup and Salad (Add Naan $1; add Daily Bread $1.50)

Red Lentil Coconut Curry $7/bowl; $5.50/cup A delicious and hearty blend of red lentils & vegetables seasoned with a balanced bland of curry, coconut milk & citrus

Hearty Salad $10.25/side salad $5.25 A seasonal mix of greens, cabbage, carrots, beets, sprouted beans, pickled onions & tahini vinaigrette (Alternative salad dressings: balsamic drizzle, miso-mustard vinaigrette)

Soup & Salad Combo $9.75


Entrées  (Add a cup of soup or side salad for $3/Add side veggies $4)

Lemon-Ginger Veggie Sauté   $12.50 Seasonal vegetables steam-sautéed with sprouted mung beans and millet and smotherered in a tangy lemon-ginger sauce/Add veggie burger patty $4

Kitchari $10.25 (small portion $6) Savory porridge made from mung dahl (split mung beans) and brown basmati rice, mildly seasoned with turmeric, ginger & lemon and topped with toasted coconut. A dish treasured in Ayurveda for its healing and grounding qualities. Served with our version of naan; a crepe-like unleavened flat bread made from sprouted buckwheat and millet.

Veggie Pancake Platter $12.50 Four grain free savory pancakes made from coveted mung dahl (split mung beans, known for their grounding qualities and easy digestion), mild spices, and vegetables; served w/daily vegetable and topped with tomato-ginger sauce (can be made spicy upon request)

 Veggie Pancake Sauté $12.50 Two veggie pancakes served over a hearty grain and vegetable sauté and topped with tomato-ginger sauce (can be made spicy upon request)


Sandwiches & Such (Add a side of kale chips $2; Add a cup of soup or side salad $3)

Daily-Inspired Veggie Burger $10.50 A savory patty made from sprouted beans, grains, and vegetables on a sprouted buckwheat & millet sourdough bun w/caramelized onions, seasonal toppings, and a yummy spread or sauce; served with daily veggie/On a side-saute, skip the bun $12.75/Add veggie burger to any entree $4

Veggie Wrap $10.50 A savory veggie pancake wrapped in naan with greens, caramelized onions, and a crunchy slaw then drizzled with cashew raita; served with daily veggie

Hummus Pizza $10.50 Sprouted chickpea hummus spread on a sprouted buckwheat & millet sourdough crust, topped with vegetables & sprinkled with sumac and thyme


Sweet Meals & Treats

Hot Porridge $7 Whole germinated grains flavored w/spices & lightly fruit-sweetened; topped with seasonal fruit & nut toppings

Sprouted Buckwheat Pancakes $10.50/half order $7 Flavor of the day; served with seasonal fruit & other decadent toppings/Add tempeh bacon $2.50

Smoothies $8 Refreshing, creamy & delicious blend of sprouted nut milk, fruit, and spices; see specials board for seasonal flavors

Raw Banana Ice Cream $4.50 Creamy frozen banana, nothing else!

Add toppings $1 each: berry and coconut sauce, chocolate or carob sauce, crumbles, chopped nuts

Adaba Bars, cookies, raw one-bite-treats, and assorted pastries available every day; price varies



Kale chips $5/bag

Naan $1 each

Raw crackers $3

Baked Crackers $3

Side veggies $5.25

Side Lemon-Ginger Saute $5.25

Side Kitchari $6

Cashew Raita $2

Side Veggie Burger Patty $6


13 Responses to “Cafe Menu”

  1. Mari Says:

    Ooh, got 2 take out dishes tonight. So delicious!!! Really hit the spot. Can’t say enough about my love for all the fabulous food at Julia’s.

    • adaba Says:

      Thanks, Mari! So glad to be appreciated! And, we were thrilled about the great review from
      Boulder Weekly!

  2. Jaime Says:

    Great food! Priced ever so slightly high, but worth every penny. Hearty, but still light. Delicious and health conscious. If I could afford to, I would eat here every day.

    • adaba Says:

      Thank you so much, Jaime! We actually work really hard to keep our prices as affordable as possible, but our food is incredibly labor intensive and we don’t cut any corners with the integrity of the preparation or ingredients. We are going to be working on a cookbook and, in the meantime, posting more recipes on our blog because we know that going out to eat is a treat and a luxury and we want people to know how to cook healthy stuff for themselves so they can eat it every day!

  3. Julie Says:

    Going to eat here for the 1st time tonite! Very excited!!

  4. Merle Says:

    Love this menu!! Can’t wait to try EVERYTHING!
    Curious on a few things:
    1.) is it all organic?
    2.) what oils do you cook with? Do you use canola oil?
    3.) do you avoid GMO’s?

    THANK YOU for existing!!!!!! Boulder needs more places like this.

    • adaba Says:

      So sorry for the delayed response! Yes, we are all organic. We absolutely avoid GMOs. We do not use canola oil, just olive oil and coconut oil. I hope you’ll come in and please help us spread the word! See you soon! Julia

      • Merle Says:

        Ever consider adding fresh pressed organic juices? I’d love a local place where I can get fresh, organic kale, beets, ginger, lemon, lime juice – or similar combos….

      • adaba Says:

        Yes, we definitely have! I agree and I’d love to be that place! We have to figure out what kind of juicer would be necessary to make it work and whether we have space…we will for sure when it’s time to move to a new space!

  5. Becca Greenband Says:

    Hi Julia! I just stopped in today for a hot carob, which I’m currently obsessed with;-), and you had breakfast biscuit sandwiches in the case that caught my eye. I got three of them to go for my family and I have to say not only was it a hit with my 4 year old but I think it is one of the best things I’ve had at your cafe! I do hope you consider adding it to your regular menu. I can’t have millet & so I was excited to be able to eat the biscuits they were super moist and delicious.

    • adaba Says:

      Hi Becca! Those biscuits got a lot of love today, so I think we will add them to the regular rotation. Thanks for the feedback! Congratulations, by the way, and I hope you are well!

  6. Melissa Says:

    Julia, I absolutely LOVE your restaurant. Thank you for being to committed to creating and sharing nutrient dense delicious food, and introducing people to a satiating plant based diet. Have you ever considered hosting cooking classes? I think it would be a real hit in Boulder and I would love to learn more about sprouting, baking with ‘alternative’ flours and how to use spices. Thank you! Keep doing what you’re doing, I am spreading the word to my community!

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